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Frank is a Business and Organisational Psychologist. He is a strong advocate and leading practitioner of positive psychology, and is Ireland’s representative in the European Positive Psychology Network. As an executive coach, Frank is noted for his warm yet challenging style. He is much in demand as a coach at senior level, and across sectors. He is an elected member of the British Psychological Society’s special group of Coaching Psychologists. He is a member of the executive committee of the Coaching Psychology Group of the Psychological Society of Ireland, and a Registered Organisational Psychologist in Ireland.

Frank has experience of the Public Sector with the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) and the Business Sector with the Irish Management Institute (IMI). At the IMI Frank was a Senior Specialist in Organisational Behaviour, and was founding Director of the Institute’s Diploma in Executive Coaching. He has designed and presented management development programmes for a wide range of Irish organisations, as well as in most European countries, the United States, Australia, and in Africa. He has conducted extensive organisation-wide development programmes for a number of client organisations. He is currently consultant to a number of large Irish organisations.

Frank has directed the IMI’s International Masters Degree in Business Administration, a joint venture with Fordham University, New York, and has designed the Organisation Structure and Behaviour Management components of the Institute’s Management Degree Programme (BA Mgmt).

He has been a keynote speaker at the Annual Conference of the Psychological Society of Ireland and an invited speaker at the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians. He has lectured on organisational psychology at the School of Business Studies, Trinity College, Dublin, and been guest speaker at international human resource conferences and for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Frank has extensive experience in the Public Sector. His projects have included Training and Development Programmes in Local Authorities, Civil Service Departments, State Agencies, and Health Agencies. Internationally, he led training initiatives with staff of the European Commission and was a major contributor to bi-lateral aid programmes in Zambia.

Frank is an acknowledged expert on experiential learning and personal development. He has extensive experience across many sectors, both nationally and internationally, and has worked at all levels within organisations. He emphasises the need to combine individual development with business and organisational needs, and he currently devotes much of his time designing customised programmes to suit the interests and needs of individual companies.

Frank has extensive international experience in the film, television and digital media industry. He has provided programme design and direction, guidance and monitoring of learning methods, content delivery at group level and coaching to individuals and media companies in many European countries and in Australia.

In his professional assignments, Frank works with individuals and groups to build personal achievement and wellbeing, and organisational success. He has combined positive psychology and emotional intelligence into a powerful coaching style which delivers lasting benefits to both individuals and organisations alike.

Frank is now a Director of Leadership Journeys, a niche company founded by a community of professionals who share the values and approach of positive psychology. Frank and his colleagues use strengths-based methods to develop authentic, effective leadership in high performing teams.

Inspirational Thoughts

"A leader is a dealer in hope" - Napoleon Bonaparte