Our coaching approach focuses on building leadership & management strengths to facilitate the improvement of business or department results – everything we do is focused on growth at individual & business/organisational levels.

At an individual level, 360o degree assessment is often used to benchmark individuals’ leadership behavioural competencies against global business leaders as well as providing valuable feedback on how they are perceived by their colleagues in their own company. This grounds our solutions in global best practice & well researched methodologies.

Each coaching session will be different, highly tailored to the needs of each individual & will be underpinned by both challenging them to reach beyond where they are now & supporting them in achieving their goals.

Typical steps in the coaching process would include:

  1. Individual takes on-line psychometric:  Myers Briggs Type Indicator.
  2. Individual identifies 6 suitable people to complete the 360o assessment instrument (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory - ESCI)
  3. A coach who appears to best meet the needs of the particular individual is chosen.
  4. The coach meets the individual for the initial one and a half hour session, works through the results of the above test & discusses them in the context of the role of the individual in question & the evidence to date.
  5. The coach and the individual work out a set of strengths & development areas based on the above & create the start of an action plan for helping him or her to both build on his or her strengths and correct for any weaknesses.
  6. In following sessions the coach will challenge & support the individual through the action plan.

Typically a coaching programme for an individual will be between 2 and 6 sessions, held on a monthly basis.