Our Leadership Development programmes are designed & run in partnership with each client, tailored specifically to the needs of that organisation & their leaders.  We achieve powerful results for our clients using a wide range of highly dynamic & creative training methods.

Sample Leadership Development training programmes that we have successfully delivered include:

Leadership Development Programme:

Our comprehensive Leadership Development Programme covers the core aspects of leader development.  Topics & methods can be easily substituted to more specifically suit your needs.  We have run this programme successfully across Europe 16 times for a specific global client over the past 5 years.  It runs over a six-month period (...read more)

Accelerated Development Programme:

This is designed for emerging leaders who have demonstrated both high potential & early success, but who have not yet fulfilled their full leadership abilities.

It is a shorter version of the core Leadership Development Programme, but with intensified requirements for acceptance, including an expectation for the learning that is fast, accurate, durable & visible (...read more)

Collaborative Development for Senior/Middle Managers:

(...read more)